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What's AcquiConnect

AcquiConnect is the Europe’s fastest growing deal origination platform that uses algorithms as well as human brain work, knowledge, common sense, and expertise to match the sellers of the businesses with the most relevant buyers.

AcquiConnect was built to solve the ultimate problem of most small and mid-cap M&A transactions - not enough potential buyers per deal and not enough deals per potential buyer. In the small and mid-cap world, nearly every investor has a problem with deal flow - there's simply not enough deals in the pipeline to pick from, or the quality of the deals that are in pipeline is so low that none of these could be picked. The other side of this problem is that sellers usually end up with too few parties already early in the process, thus having little to none competition for the asset. This happens primarily because of the specifics of the European small and mid-cap M&A market which is very local - there's simply not enough business links and contacts in the investors and sellers community to run a proper process.

What makes us different

1. We combine algorithms with real human thinking in every aspect of the platform business. We manually check every user and every deal that's posted on the platform and make sure that both sellers and buyers have the best experience, while algorithms take care of the rest.

2. We employ smart and experienced people. Not only IT specialists, but also the investment analysts. We even have an in-house intelligence unit that tracks deals and keeps the European investment community informed about the current state of the markets.

3. We have a transparent and flexible pricing plan for buyers and we charge no fees on sellers. We also have a full-fledged free plan for investors that will allow to use all functions of our platform and get up to 5 introductions to relevant deals.

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